Why Buy from Gateway Clearance Center?

Why Buy Our Cars or Trucks?
Things change... and in business, you're either moving forward or getting left behind. GATEWAY CLEARANCE CENTER decided to move forward. Through the years, we've changed as our customers' needs have changed: we're not stuck in the same old car dealership rut.

We continue to work hard to make buying your next used car or truck easier and faster. How do we do this and still maintain a stellar customer satisfaction rating? How do we change the way we do things and still have customer referrals (word of mouth advertising) at an all time high?

Simple. We run our business based on the three Ps: Product. People. Processes.

We believe that if we make sure that we have these three Ps in place at all times, we will succeed. By giving customers what they want, we'll be able to achieve what we want. And what is it we want? We want Gateway Clearance Center to be Fargo's one-stop shop for buying a used car or truck.

How do we do that?

First, it's critical that we get the right Product. We start off by doing our homework, and then we buy the clean, well-equipped, and most highly sought after trucks we can get our hands on. We scour the market; we have buyers fly in and out of wherever we need to be in order to bring you the best inventory selection we can at the most competitive prices. Will we always be the cheapest? No. And we're OK with that, because we know that we offer the cleanest inventory possible.

Second, it's our Process. We believe in being transparent. We provide every customer with a free CARFAX report on every vehicle prior to purchase. We post our fees, we encourage pre-purchase inspections, and we explain that all vehicles are sold "as-is," and let every customer know that they have the right to purchase an extended service agreement. We also believe in offering every customer a highly competitive rate for financing. We use local banks and credit unions and will work hard to make sure that every buyer's money works smart.

Last (but certainly not least) are our People. We truly believe that we have some of the best people in Fargo/Moorhead working here! We have a casual environment and a friendly, no-pressure sales team that is willing to help in any way possible. Our team will walk you through every step of the buying process. Our way of doing business is so different that instead of handshakes and thank-yous, our sales team often gets hugs and referrals from customers.

The 3 Ps have helped us grow to selling over 80 cars and trucks a month, all from a non-car area in South Fargo.